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Harford County

Auto Window Tinting

Window tinting gives your vehicle a stylish look, provides you with privacy and reduces ultraviolet exposure to your interior. Glass Doctor® of Harford County offers professional window tinting for any vehicle. Our window tint services will add to the value of your vehicle and eliminate troublesome glare.

Interior Protection

The longer you expose your interior to the sun's ultraviolet rays the faster the fabric and dashboard will fade, crack or warp. Adding auto window tint to your vehicle will block the most harmful UV rays to protect your interior for years to come.

Privacy and Security

There's no need for everyone to be able to see inside your vehicle. With window tinting, you'll keep prying eyes at bay. What's more, the decreased glare means your children and passengers will be able to watch videos while they ride in safety and comfort.

Beat the Heat

Your vehicle's windows make it behave like a greenhouse. When you park your car in sunshine, heat enters but doesn't escape. In summer, the heat can become almost unbearable. With window tint, you'll protect the inside of your car from heat gain.

Free Consultation

In addition to tinting windows, we provide a broad array of auto glass repair and replacement services. Contact us today for a free consultation, or schedule your appointment online today.