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Harford County

Glass Tabletops

There are a number of reasons to use glass tabletops in your home; for instance, they improve appearances, protect furniture, and are easy to clean. Plus, you can use glass tabletops in any room, for pieces ranging from dining room tables to antique furniture. At Glass Doctor® of Harford County, we offer custom glass tabletops to match your style and meet your needs. Every tabletop we create is unique.

Our Custom Glass Tabletops

Before we begin designing your tabletop, our specialists will come to your home for a free consultation. We will take measurements and offer suggestions to enable you to best benefit from the glass piece. We will then present you with a number of different options for the glass, varying in thickness, tint, and edgework, and explain how the weight of glass impacts safety.

Graphic of different glass edges

Additional Protection

Some glass tabletops require some extra considerations. For instance, for furniture in direct sunlight, we offer glass with UV tinting for protection against premature fading. If you want your custom glass tabletops for outdoor furniture, we recommend safety glass, such as laminated or tempered glass. This means that if glass on patio tables and poolside furniture is damaged, there will be no risk of your family and friends suffering an injury caused by shards of glass.

Custom Shelves

Another way to refresh the interior of your home or office without a huge expense is with custom glass shelves. We design shelving with your needs in mind, planning the number and layout according to your available space and the possessions you want to place on the shelves. It is impossible to receive this kind of service when you opt for commercial shelving.

When positioned just right, custom shelves make a room appear more organized without causing walls to look cluttered. This is ideal for a range of settings, including kitchens and closets. When your shelves are from Glass Doctor of Hartford County, our specialists will work with you to choose the right color, tint, and cut of glass.

Improve your home or workplace instantly with one of our glass solutions. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Hartford County for more information about our custom glass tabletops and shelves.