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Double Pane Windows

Extreme temperature changes in Bel Air, Forest Hill and Fallston are a major cause of premature deterioration for houses.  Freeze-thaw cycles affect many areas of a home's exterior, including the windows.  Windows are the most vulnerable area in terms of temperature transfer for both homes and businesses, and are one of the main concerns when it comes to energy efficiency. When the windows are improperly sealed, the interior heating or cooling units are forced to run longer in order to maintain the proper indoor temperature. 

A simple layer of single pane windows offer little to no protection against extreme temperatures. Double pane windows add an additional level of insulation and are created to resist outside temperatures.

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)

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Glass Doctor® of Harford County, specializing in double pane window repair and replacement, offers a valuable solution to energy-conscious homeowners - insulated glass units. Their impressive noise reduction abilities keep the inside of a home - whether it is in the country or on road with constant traffic - calm and quiet, as it should be. IGUs maintain the indoor climate while resisting the climate outside, allowing homeowners in Bel Air, Forest Hill and Fallston to save money on their air-conditioning unit.

IGU Benefits: Steady Temperature

Insulated glass units from Glass Doctor have made a big difference to homeowners that are looking for ways to lower their energy bills.  In the summer, insulated glass windows keep the home much cooler, even in south-facing rooms. Their Low-E (low-emissivity) status prevents undue heat transfer, even when the windows themselves are in full sun throughout the day. The result: energy and money savings throughout the year.

IGU Benefits: Noise Pollution Reduction

Noise pollution in a home is something many homeowners simply accept as inevitable, depending on where they live. Most are surprised to hear that another benefit of IGUs is noise pollution reduction.  In fact, most homeowners report that 60-75% of exterior noise is muted when they installed IGUs in their home. The result: an increasingly peaceful home environment.

How Do IGUs Work?

Insulated Glass Units are composed of two or three panes of glass with an insulated spacer between them.  This spacer effectively makes a seal between the panes.  It is filled with either a desiccant (a hygroscopic material that absorbs moisture) or a warm-edge glass spacer (example: a super spacer), serving as the insulation which prevents the temperature of the exterior pane from being transferred to the interior pane. Some types of IGUs have krypton or argon gas added between the panes for increased insulation. Additionally, since temperature variances are typically accompanied by condensation, the perimeter of the glass unit is sealed tightly to prevent moisture from forming between the panes. Glass Doctor of Harford County’s specialists can help homeowners determine which options are most suitable for their individual needs.

Investing in an Insulated Glass Window

Glass Doctor of Harford County specializes in insulated double pane window repair and replacement.  We will help you determine if the best investment for your home would be an all-new window installation - or if it is best to simply add insulated glass to your existing frames.  We make sure your home is protected for a reasonable price, always working within our customer's budget and preferences.

Contact Glass Doctor of Harford County at 443-356-4714 for more information on the benefits insulated glass windows may offer for your home.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.