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Clear Choice Protectant

From countertops and bathtubs to glass tables and shower doors, Clear Choiceoffers the best surface treatment for your home. If you are tired of having to scrub your surfaces and use harsh chemicals to remove hard water stains, let the experts at Glass Doctor® of Harford County apply Clear Choice to your surfaces so they look beautiful and stay cleaner for longer

Surface Treatment for Your Home

In the bathroom and kitchen, hard water will leave behind an ugly brown or scaly white residue on your surfaces. No matter how hard you scrub, these stains will persist and ruin the look of your home. Stop wasting all your time scrubbing and spend more time enjoying your home. A single application of Clear Choice creates a slippery surface that stains will not stick to.

Clear Choice is the right choice for more than just hard water stains, too. Soap scum, mineral deposits, and everyday grime are no match. Simply rinse them down the drain or wipe with a cloth and your surfaces will shine. 

Protecting Your Surfaces

Aside from less frequent cleanings, Clear Choice will also rejuvenate old surfaces and reduce the appearance of scratches and small areas of damage while protecting new and old surfaces from future damage. Bring your old countertops and glass surface back to life without a renovation. Or keep your newly installed fixtures looking like new for longer.

Environmentally Friendly

Clear Choice will not damage your plants and is safe to use around children and pets. That means it's perfect for your outdoor glass furniture, too. One application will keep your deck and patio tables and decorative surfaces safe from environmental pollutants, weathering, and mineral deposits. That way, you spend more time relaxing on your furniture--not cleaning it.

Free Consultation

To determine whether your surfaces are a good fit for Clear Choice, let the experts at Glass Doctor of Harford County visit your home and perform a complete inspection. We'll check your surfaces and provide an accurate quote for materials and installation--all with no obligation to buy.

To learn more about Clear Choice protectant from Glass Doctor of Harford County or to get your project started, call or schedule an appointment online today.