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Custom Glass Solutions

Every home has different needs, but by offering the widest range of custom glass products possible, Glass Doctor® of Farmingdale is sure to meet your needs and desires. Our glass products combine both form and function, making your rooms and exterior more beautiful while providing protection from heat, UV rays and broken glass. We are proud to help homeowners improve their abodes, and will offer you advice if you have trouble picking the right addition.

Custom Glass Decor for Every Room

Glass Shelves and Tables

In choosing glass tables and shelves, it isn't enough to know what color you want. You also must have a good idea of the dimensions of your rooms, making sure that you can install the new furniture safely without taking up too much space.

Our custom glass decor team is happy to perform free home inspections to prepare you for installation. We will measure the dimensions of your rooms, spot potential safety issues, and help you pick tables and shelves that best fit your house. If your preferred tables won't fit, we can cut new custom glass decor specifically for your home.

If you have children or pets, we provide laminated and tempered glass to minimize the danger from damage. For rooms with expensive furniture and carpeting, we have tinted and coated glass to minimize the effects of ultraviolet rays.

Custom Mirrors

Nothing enhances natural lighting like a well-placed mirror. Our team will help you select a mirror with the right size and shape for your room and determine the best spot to hang it.

French and Patio Doors

Whether you want to create a new entryway or renovate an existing one, our team has the training and equipment to fully embellish your doors.

We provide a myriad of useful inserts, including:

  • Insulated glass windows
  • Stained or decorated glass
  • Sliding blinds
  • Weather-proof glass
  • Low-emissivity and energy-efficient windows and doors

We maintain close ties with glass vendors, allowing us to obtain specialized glass and accessories with minimal wait times.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is designed to protect your health, your furniture and the earth. The glass is coated with a thin metallic material that reflects UVA and UVB rays away from your house. UV rays damage your furniture and increase your risk of cancer and cataracts, so blocking them is imperative. The coating has almost no effect on natural light, meaning you won't have to plug in more lamps to light your home.

In addition to protecting you from ultraviolet radiation, Low-E glass also blocks heat. This reduces the amount of energy you need to air condition your house during the summer, lowering your electric bill. Installing Low-E glass also reduces damage to your home, raising your long-term property values.

Trust our Team with Decor Designs

Don't postpone your commitment to a better home environment. Contact Glass Doctor of Farmingdale for more information on modern panes and decor fixtures.