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Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ from Glass Doctor® of Farmingdale is the perfect protective glass treatment for your home's shower doors, mirrors, and backsplashes. One application shields tile, granite and porcelain surfaces throughout your home from hard water stains and harsh cleanser damage. It easily repels oil, grime, and soap scum in the kitchen and bath; nothing works better to keep surfaces looking like new! We're proud to offer Clear Choice protectant to Suffolk County homeowners who want to keep their home's surfaces looking great while saving time and energy during clean-up.

Our Patented Glass Treatment

Clear Choice is a cost-effective coating that protects windows, sinks, tubs, tile and more. It provides a long-lasting durable barrier between household surfaces and elements, such as hard water, that can make surfaces vulnerable to scratches, stains, and dulling. One application of our low maintenance glass treatment protects your home's surfaces for up to five years!

The Choice is Crystal Clear

Hard water and lime scale are stains made up of tiny chalky mineral deposits caused by alkaline in hard water. You've probably noticed these stains on many of your home's surfaces, particularly in the bathrooms and kitchen. Over time, these deposits wear away at the various surfaces, destroying their original beauty.

Glass Doctor of Farmingdale has provided home, auto and business owners in Huntington Station, Melville, Wyandanch and the surrounding area our Clear Choice glass treatment for years. Our customers tell us they appreciate the benefits it provides including:

  • An immediate improvement in the reduction of bacteria and mold
  • Less hours spent cleaning glass and other surfaces
  • A noticeable resistance to counter, sink, and tile stains and scratches
  • Prevention of hard water etching
  • Beautiful, more glossy surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly product

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Contact us today to have our highly-qualified specialists professionally apply Clear Choice protectant to all your home's surfaces. It's a fast and simple process that extends the life and beauty of your home, business or vehicle. We look forward to serving you!