Window Repair & Replacement

Whether you are at home or at your business, a broken window is extremely disruptive. It makes your building unsafe and uncomfortable. Fortunately, you don't have to let something like a broken pane stress you out. You can count on Glass Doctor® of Fargo to provide you with the total window repair and replacement service you need to put the woes caused by your broken window behind you.

Emergency Window Repair

When windows break, they ruin your indoor climate and expose you to invaders of all types. You shouldn't have to wait for business hours to restore your home or business' safety and comfort. That's why we offer you 24/7 emergency window repair services. During your emergency window repair service, making you feel safe again is our number one priority. Keep in mind that your emergency glass repair services are not limited to windows. You can get emergency repair services for your glass doors as well.

Double Pane Window Repair

Cracked or shattered glass isn't the only indicator your window needs to be repaired. One of the most common reasons window repair is needed is a broken seal. A broken seal causes nearly as many problems for you as a shattered window. This includes allowing invaders to enter your home and disrupting your indoor climate. When you know what to look for, a broken window seal is easy for you to identify. Always keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • Drafts
  • Condensation between panes
  • Milkiness between panes

Glass Doctor of Fargo will fully restore your window's seal. If damage to one of your window panes is causing repair to be impossible, then we will replace it.

Double Pane Window Replacement

If your window is beyond repair, or you would like to upgrade your units, then we will fully replace your existing windows. We will provide you with a myriad of double and triple pane options. All of the windows we offer you will be insulated glass units (IGUs), meaning that they are specially designed to help you maintain your indoor climate.

Specialty Glass Repair

Your glass doors and windows aren't the only fixtures in your home that include glass. If glass anywhere in your home breaks, you should be able to get it repaired. That's why we specialize in repairing any glass fixture or furniture. It doesn't matter whether a large glass tabletop has been shattered, you have cracks in your mirrors or there is any other glass damage in your home or business. All you need to do is call on us and let us know what you need repaired.

Glass Enhancements

In addition to restoring and replacing your glass, we can also enhance what you already have. Our glass specialists will do this by adding the following features to your existing glass fixtures:

Window Tinting

Tinted glass actively protects household members from the dangerous effects of UV rays. This speciality glass also prevents furniture from succumbing to damage from sun exposure.

Glass Protectant

Our patented Clear Choice™ glass protectant shields glass, tile and porcelain from damage.

Specialty glass panes

Allow natural light into your home while reducing the heat gain and solar damage from the sun with specialty low-emissivity panes.

The Glass Doctor Advantage

When you partner with Glass Doctor of Fargo you are given the opportunity to join our Advantage Plan®. Homeowners enrolled in our program will enjoy discounts on services, priority scheduling options and a breakage guarantee.

Your Total Glass Restoration Solution

No matter how, when or where your glass has been broken, call Glass Doctor of Fargo to fix it.