Emergency Business Glass Services

As a business owner, you probably use glass in a variety of ways, including your doors and windows. Glass is versatile and durable, but when they break, getting the damage fixed quickly is a top priority. Glass Doctor® of Fargo understands you need immediate, professional service, even if your glass breaks in the middle of the night or on the weekend. Until the damage is repaired, your business is vulnerable to break-ins as well as rain and insects that could work their way inside. Your employees and customers could be injured, and the broken glass presents a poor image to existing and prospective customers. Count on Glass Doctor of Fargo to prevent these issues with quality emergency glass repair.

Faster Emergency Repairs

The last task you want to complete in an emergency is searching for a glass care company, hoping someone will answer your call and crossing your fingers that they do good work. Instead, prepare for emergencies with the assistance of Glass Doctor of Fargo. Our Advance Measurement system prepares you for a glass emergency. When you enroll in this program, our trained specialists will accurately measure all of your glass. We’ll create a diagram showing the exact location of your panes and assigning each a number. Our specialists will also make note of any special considerations, such as a need for safety glass. And if you’d like to pre-establish your contact and credit information, this will further expedite the process.

When your business suffers broken glass, consult your diagram and report its corresponding number. If the glass is in stock, we’ll replace it in one visit without delay or need for a board-up. If not, we’ll order your panes and make a follow-up appointment to complete the job at your convenience.

For glass that breaks frequently, enroll in our in-stock replacement program. We’ll keep your panes in stock and ready to go in case of emergency.

Don’t wait until an emergency occurs to start the process of glass replacement. Instead, prepare proactively with our Advance Measurement system and know you are ready when disaster strikes.

Commercial Care

Our Commercial Care program offers businesses additional savings of time and money with the following benefits:

  • Priority response
  • Dedicated specialists assigned to your business
  • Discounted services
  • Commercial account setup

Don’t wait until a pane breaks to think about emergency glass care. Schedule an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Fargo and let us help you prepare for emergencies and ensure your business is back to normal as quickly as possible.