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Custom Mirrors

Custom glass fixtures, such as shelves, tabletops and doors, are a beautiful way to add unique pieces to your space. In fact, right glass decor will make any room more impressive to family members, visitors and even potential buyers.

Glass Doctor® of Fargo will brighten and beautify your home with custom glass additions. We recommend every homeowner try mirrors before turning to grand renovations. Mirrors create depth, distribute light and add visual appeal. Trust our team to create a mirror suited to your space and style.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

The strategic placement of mirrors in a home will make an otherwise small space seem much more open and inviting. Reflecting natural light into a room or hallway will be transform the space into a more inviting area. In addition, the use of either framed or tiled mirrors will highlight the decor and architecture of any home. Make an appointment with our specialists to discuss the best spots for mirrors.

Often, our specialists suggest three areas for mirror additions:

  • Wall mirrors: Cramped or small hallways will appear much longer
  • Backsplash mirrors: Ideal for creating depth in a kitchen
  • Statement mirrors: Place custom created pieces above a fireplace or headboard

Accentuating the Custom Decor of Your Home

With custom mirrors, it is easy and affordable to highlight your home's existing art and decor with custom mirrors sized and cut to your specifications. You can also select from a wide variety of edges, finishes, tints and frames to accentuate any style of home.

Enhance your decor using these mirror additions:

  • Shelves mirrors: An excellent option for art pieces you want to give a panoramic, 360-degree view. Use the shelves with sculptures, antiques or collectibles.
  • Hanging mirrors: If well placed, the mirror will direct natural light to fill a space containing your favorite art pieces.
  • Framed mirrors: Perfect for virtually any application, framed mirrors are especially good at adding a splash of inspiring glass decor to walls containing framed photos or art.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Spread natural and artificial light throughout the rooms of your house with the help of custom mirrors and decor. A homeowner can truly add a unique take to their interior spaces. For areas of the home without windows, a few mirrors in just the right place will help illuminate an otherwise dimly lit room.

Bring more light into your home's interior; consider one of the following mirrors:

  • Floor to ceiling mirrors: Reflect and reinforce natural sunlight and light from lamps and other artificial sources with large.
  • Mounted mirrors: Mirrors mounted on ceiling or walls of a room will magnify the illumination created from desk lamps and other light sources.

For more information on custom mirror installation and glass repair, contact us at the Glass Doctor of Fargo. Reach our team online or call us at 701-232-3343.