Clear Choice Protectant

Keep your bathroom, kitchen and dining room surfaces looking extraordinary with Clear Choice™ protectant. This professional glass treatment has helped homeowners across America avoid hours of scrubbing and cleaning, but it isn't sold in any shop. Clear Choice is exclusively available to Fargo, West Fargo and Horace homeowners through Glass Doctor® of Fargo. Our experienced specialists are happy to provide you with a professional application of Clear Choice to defend your glass and sensitive surfaces from hard water, oil stains, environmental pollutants or soap scum. Make your home shine like new with the help of our comprehensive glass treatment program.

Protect Your Investment

Don't tolerate blemishes or hard water staining your cherished surfaces. Clear Choice protectant works on porcelain, granite, tile, glass and other silica-based surfaces. Once applied, Clear Choice creates a sophisticated barrier which will continue protecting for up to five years. One coating coating renders fragile surfaces scratch, stain, water and oil resistant.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Bring your bathroom surfaces back to life or simply protect your new renovation projects with Clear Choice. Ensure your custom glass mirrors and shelves are pristine and shielded from wear. Our protectant defends against oil and water, ultimately contributing to:

  • Less bacteria and mold growth
  • Scratch, stain and impact resistant properties
  • Less required cleaning
  • Elimination of issues with hard water
  • Shinier, more glossy surfaces
  • Better environment

Receive the best glass treatment services available by trusting in our team of experienced specialists. Keep your new glass or delicate surfaces protected with Clear Choice. Contact Glass Doctor of Fargo over the phone today or fill out a quick service request online to learn more. Discuss your plans with a member of our team, we offer same day appointments!