Advance Measurement System

When glass breaks, restore business continuity with the Advanced Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Fargo. This program complements the disaster recovery plans you already established for your Cass County business. Proactive glass care solution hastens the repair process after glass breaks, bringing you invaluable peace of mind. Serving Fargo, West Fargo, Horace and the surrounding areas, our glass specialists make planning for the unexpected as simple as scheduling an appointment.

Our Advance Measurement System in Action

When you enroll in the Advance Measurement system, a glass expert from Glass Doctor of Fargo will visit your business to inspect and measure the glass panes throughout the commercial property. The specialist will also record important information about the panes, such as notes regarding safety requirements. Using the notes, our glass specialist will draft a diagram of the commercial building and use numbers to identify the locations of each pane on the property. Glass Doctor of Fargo will keep a copy of the diagram in your file, and you will receive a copy for your records. If a pane of glass breaks, locate the diagram of your building and call Glass Doctor of Fargo. Let the glass specialist know which panes broke by referring to the corresponding number. Since we’ll already have the necessary measurements on file, the repair and ordering process will begin right away. During your initial appointment, establish credit with Glass Doctor of Fargo to expedite future repairs.

In-Stock Replacements

Fargo businesses that experience the fastest glass repairs are those that pre-order glass panes, which Glass Doctor of Fargo gladly stores for them. Businesses that take advantage of the In-Stock program benefit from speedy repairs that specialists complete in as little as one trip.

Advance Measurement Advantages

The cost of broken glass is more than the pane in question. It also includes the cost of lost business and the security risks that come with broken windows. Businesses that participate in the Advance Measurement system benefit from:

  • Quicker business continuity
  • Time and money savings thanks to fast repairs
  • Reestablished building security
  • Minimal impacts to a business’ brand
  • Reduced risks and improved safety to employees and the public

Advanced Measurement from Glass Doctor of Fargo gets you up and running as soon as possible after glass breaks. To learn more and to schedule a complimentary on-site consultation, speak with a glass specialist today.