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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Take your tabletops from ordinary to spectacular with expert assistance from Glass Doctor® of Fairfax. We provide the design services to create the possibilities you visualize for your table surfaces. Our specialists will carry out your vision with professional installation using quality materials that last, fashioning custom glass tabletops to meet your unique needs.

When you work with our team your living room and dining area will emerge with bright, modern glass tabletops that protect the furnishings underneath. Your kitchen and bathroom feature new, easy care glass countertops that sparkle and gleam. Try adding glass shelving to show off your ceramic collection or wares.

Expert Advice on Custom Glass Tabletops

Invite Glass Doctor of Fairfax into your home and receive a professional consultation with an experienced designer. Whether you need replacement glass for countertops or new custom glass tabletops, we offer multiple design combinations with customized edge finishes, shapes, glass thickness, surface texture and tint. Our specialists measure to ensure perfect fit and suggest properly weighted glass for each application to ensure safety. Order custom glass tabletops to enhance and protect your:

Graphic of different glass edges
  • Antique pieces
  • Desks
  • Coffee and accent tables
  • Dining table or kitchen table
  • Conference table or computer workstation

Superior Safety and Protection

We put your safety at the forefront of every design. Homeowners concerned about glass breakage should consider tempered or laminated glass for a more sturdy pane. These types of glass are commonly used in shower doors and outdoor areas, but our team is happy to install safety glass in your dining room. To protect furniture from solar fading, our team will use tinted panes at your request. Beyond creating a custom protecting your pieces from UV exposure extends the lifespan.

Highlight Bespoke Style with Custom Glass Shelving

Customized glass shelves show off your best china, trophies or products to their best advantage. Our team will make shelves to fit your existing layout. Natural lighting or perfectly positioned indoor lights will contribute to the visual appeal of glass shelving and tabletops alike.

Let Glass Doctor of Fairfax create made-to measure glass shelves for your living room, office, dining area or den. We offer expert design guidance and installation, taking into account:

  • Style: We ensure your shelf design complements your unique decor and taste.
  • Configuration: Our custom glass shelves create a made-to-order look with no wasted space.
  • Measurements and details: We plan out practical aspects, like number of shelves and distance between them, to best fit your needs and showcase your products or keepsakes.
  • Glass type, tinting, edging and color: We offer options to match your preferred look and location, while providing safe shelving.

Get custom glass tabletops and shelves made for you. Contact Glass Doctor of Fairfax for a free consultation at your home or office today.