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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

If you need a chipped windshield repaired or require a new windshield, having the issue resolved immediately should always be a priority. Damaged windshields can pose significant safety hazards for you and your loved ones. For immediate expert assistance, contact Glass Doctor® of Englewood, CO today!

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Windshield Replacement and Installation Services

When windshield damage obscures your line of sight or if the damage is too extensive for repair, replacing the windshield will be recommended. With each new windshield installation, Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO provides a G12® Road Hazard Guarantee to protect your investment. For an entire year, any damage your windshield sustains will be covered. A new windshield will be installed immediately and completely free of charge to you, except for labor and materials costs.

G12 Installation Package and Clear ChoiceTM Protectant

Our customers also have the choice to buy our G12 Future Installation package, which comes with clips, new windshield wipers, and molding. You can further protect your new windshield by having our Clear Choice™ protectant applied to your auto glass. This durable liquid will ensure that mineral deposits, hard water, and environmental pollutants do not damage your new windshield.

G12 Guarantee Guidelines and Exclusions


  • The G12 Guarantee is honored for up to 12 months.
  • Claims are only accepted at the Glass Doctor in which your initial installation or repair was conducted and must be reported within 12 months.
  • Typical road hazards are the only circumstances covered under the G12 Guarantee.
  • All services done on an automobile that is covered under the G12 Guarantee must be done by a participating Glass Doctor location.


  • Damage caused to the vehicle that was intentional, an act of God or the result of a collision is not covered.
  • G12 Guarantee does not cover buses, class seven heavy trucks, class eight heavy trucks and motorcoaches.

For expert help with chipped windshield repair when you need it the most, get in touch with Glass Doctor of Englewood, CO online or over the phone. Learn more about the many services we offer. Enjoy outstanding customer service, affordable prices and craftsmanship you can count on.

Some exclusions may apply.