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Clear Choice Protectant

Glass decor adds beauty and functionality to every area of your home. At Glass Doctor of Elko, we understand that your glass surfaces need cleaning and proper maintenance to keep them beautiful. It takes a lot of effort and because your time is precious, we recommend Clear Choice® glass protectant.

Clear Choice is a glass treatment, but it also shields and preserves porcelain, mirrors, granite, and other silica-based surfaces. it reduces your workload by minimizing problems caused by hard water, soap scum and many other common contaminants.

Protect Your Investment

It takes a big investment of time and money to decorate your home with furniture and accessories compatible with your style. You spend additional money purchasing all the cleaning products necessary to care for each piece. Not to mention the effort behind cleaning and maintaining every piece. That's why our glass specialists are so excited about Clear Choice glass treatment. It saves money because it's versatile enough to add scratch, stain, and water resistance to a variety of decorative surfaces. It saves time because it minimizes your cleaning and maintenance efforts for up to five years. It accomplishes these tasks by enhancing and shielding your surfaces against:

  • Hard water
  • Minerals
  • Pollutants
  • Weathering

Benefits of Clear Choice

When you fail to properly maintain your beautiful decorative surfaces, it's like throwing money away. A single application of Clear Choice stops that from happening. It protects bathroom mirrors, shower doors, bathroom porcelain, kitchen backsplashes, granite counters, glass tabletops and many other surfaces. It's a glass treatment that offers a list of great benefits.

  • Glossy surfaces
  • Mold and bacteria reduction
  • Surface impact protection
  • Reduced hard water etching
  • Environmentally friendly formula

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