Clear Choice Protectant

Protecting household surfaces from scratches and abrasions preserves their beauty and value. Glass Doctor® of Elkhart offers a practical solution for maintaining the appearance of silica-based surfaces in your home or office. Our Clear Choice™ glass treatment effortlessly shields your glass, granite, and porcelain surfaces from damaging scrapes and stains, while reducing the time and effort required to keep them looking like new.

Usage and Applications

Use Clear Choice protectant on a variety interior and exterior items. The one-time application creates an invisible barrier that lasts for up to five years. By forming an impenetrable shield, this innovative product prevents moisture and liquid substances from marring the look of granite tables, porcelain tiles and a host of similar surfaces. Our glass treatment is suitable for a variety of home and office applications, consider adding it to your space today!


Due to the porous nature of untreated granite, countertops are highly susceptible to acidic damage. Vinegar, lemons and other citric juices have the power to discolor large areas, totally ruining the investment you've made in your kitchen. Similarly, grease stains on decorative wall or floor tiles typically require professional cleaning service or replacement. Our glass treatment service offers long-term protection for your kitchen's granite and tile, guarding them from everyday spills and splashes.


With our glass treatment, glass shower doors, mirrors, tiles and sauna enclosures retain their sparkling luster. Clear Choice applications prevent hard water stains, soap scum or mineral deposits from forming, simplifying your clean-up procedures while reducing the time it takes to perform household chores. Lodging establishments will find this especially useful.


With a one-time treatment, your patio furniture, windows, and walkways retain their original condition. Clear Choice protectant obstructs harmful contamination from environmental pollutants, and develops a scratch resilient surface that resists abrasions.

Professional Benefits

Rather than relying on harsh chemicals to maintain the look of your indoor and outdoor surfaces, our protective treatment allows you to use water-based cleaners and other non-abrasive substances to remove dust and dirt.

Clear Choice is environmentally friendly and inhibits mold growth and similar allergens from forming on your home and office decor. It is also effective for increasing windshield visibility during inclement weather. Our experts conduct glass treatment service according to your schedule, performing on-site applications at your convenience. Once we apply Clear Choice, you will notice:

  • Surfaces retain their natural shine longer
  • Treated items are impervious to oil stains, permanent markers and liquid pigments
  • Natural weathering is reduced, prolonging the life of your investments

Contact Glass Doctor of Elkhart to arrange for your glass treatment service today. Our courteous specialists deliver up-front pricing and professional results.