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Commercial Door Closer Service

Make heavy entry doors easy to open with properly installed manual door closers. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Elizabethtown service professionals are trained in door closer repair and installation to keep your entries in their best condition. As your door closer ages, or if it suffers damage for some reason, repair may be needed. Some signs to look for are difficulty locking your doors, jerky movements, or visible signs of lubricant outside the casing. These may be signs of a problem with the mechanism, and you'll want to get repairs quickly to avoid long term damage to your hardware.

The Mechanics of Door Closers

A manual door closer provides a mechanical assist to people opening doors and then gently closes it to avoid pinched fingers and slamming. The arm provides initial resistance as the door is pulled, then swings freely until the user lets go. After the user releases the door, a spring in the door closer gently forces the door slowly back into its frame.


The key to maintaining your door closer is a proper installation from the beginning. Our service professionals are trained to select the right door closer for your door. It's critical to match the spring strength and size of the closer to the weight of your door. The next step is using the right tools and our expertise to assure the closer is properly aligned and the spring is properly adjusted. Coupled with regular maintenance, this will extend the life of your new door closer and avoid problems like:

  • Doorframe damage
  • Improper door movement
  • Misalignment

Maintenance and Repair

If you already have a door closer, it may require professional maintenance and repair to maintain the warranty on your unit. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Elizabethtown trains our team to deliver appropriate care, which will keep your hardware and warranty intact. We can also repair other components and hardware like doorframes, hinges, and entry windows or glass doors .

Signs Repair is Required

The most common problem in door closers, other than periodic spring adjustments, that can be covered under the maintenance contract, are seal failures and oil leaks. Over time, the seals and O-rings on your unit will deteriorate, eventually leading to breakage and leakage of lubricant. These broken seals leave gaps, and the lack of lubricant can cause the mechanisms to seize up, making door movement jerky and unsafe for your customers and staff. A misaligned door may not lock, which makes your business more vulnerable.

Our service professionals are the optimal pick to make sure that your commercial door closer is properly maintained at all times. Keep your doors easily accessible and safe by scheduling an appointment with our experts.

The Glass Doctor Home + Business of Elizabethtown team will perform regular or emergency repairs. Every appointment begins with a consultation to ensure our customers know the work we plan to complete. Contact us today to set up your appointment. We are excited to serve you!