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Door Closer Repair Service

Entryways set the tone for your business. For a great first impression, make sure the door closer is in perfect working order. Glass Doctor® of Elizabeth, NJ specializes in door closer repair and maintenance services for retail and commercial properties in Union County.

If your door closer is broken or malfunctioning, our experts will fix it. We repair, install, and replace a wide variety of closers for metal, glass, and wood doors. Our expert service includes:

  • Surface mounted closers
  • Hydraulic closer parts
  • Concealed door closers
  • Locking mechanisms

We get the job done fast, and we get it done right. To ensure the safety of your customers and employees, our specialists use only expertly crafted parts for all door closer repairs.

How Door Closers Work

Manual hydraulic door closers easily and automatically close a door at an adjustable speed, which is controlled by an internal spring that applies force to the arm. The heavier the door, the stronger the door closer should be. An inadequate closer poses a serious safety risk, and will damage the closer or door itself.

A properly installed door closer gives the door a slight resistance as someone opens it. After that moment of resistance, the door should glide open smoothly. Once the person is through the door and releases it, the internal spring forces the arm to gently swing back until the door returns to its closed position.

Door Closer Issues

Everyone uses manual door closers on a daily basis, barely giving them a second thought. But when something goes wrong with one, it becomes obvious and potentially dangerous.

Properly Installed & Adjusted Door Closers

The door closer repair specialists at Glass Doctor of Elizabeth, NJ know how to install, maintain and repair all types of manual door closers. They’re trained in using the right tools to maximize the closer’s lifespan and keep it in perfect working order. A properly installed and maintained door closer is vital for preventing doorframe damage, abnormal door movements and misalignments.

Seal Repairs/Low Oil Levels

A broken seal may cause lubricant leaks and leave the door closer hardware vulnerable to damage. If you spot an oil leak, it often means the closer is missing a screw, has failed seals or broken O-rings. A lack of lubrication will cause a door to open or close too quickly, posing a serious risk of injury.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Glass Doctor of Elizabeth, NJ delivers superior door closer care in addition to our reliable glass services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!