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Custom Cut Glass

Glass features in your home affect your design theme and home's energy efficiency. In terms of energy efficiency and outside appeal, quality window glass is critical, but inside the home, other types of custom cut glass will work wonders with a home's interior design. Glass Doctor® of Elizabeth, NJ will handle homeowner’s glass needs. We go beyond window repair and installation to make your home into a work of art. Consider customizing your home's glass with the help of our specialists!

Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops are a great way to incorporate glass into your furniture. If you have a favorite table that needs a new surface, consider one of our made-to-fit glass tops. Opt to have our specialists install patio table glass, with or without umbrella holes, that is safe and beautiful. Our specialists will arrive at your home with portfolios showing the various tints, edge finishes and thicknesses available for glass table tops.

Glass Shelves

Glass Doctor of Elizabeth, NJ will install glass shelf panels throughout your home. The special tempered glass is just as strong as other materials and adds value to a room. A bathroom is an especially great place for glass shelves.

Custom Mirrors

If you've taken the time to design a great bathroom, the final touch is a mirror designed to fit perfectly in the room. Rather than go with the same old rectangular mirror, consider a custom-cut mirror that incorporates some curves into the design. Another way to spice up a mirror's look and make it a custom piece is to add an etched design around the mirror's edges.

Mirrors are a perfect way to enhance the appeal of other rooms in your home. Consider custom-made, full-length mirrors for the bedroom. For the ultimate walk-in closet, add mirrors to all three walls and provide yourself with a 360-degree view of your outfit. All of our mirrors can be cut into virtually any shape and size you desire. Once you decide on the perfect mirror design that suits your home, consider adding colors or frames to complete the look.

custom mirror

Door Glass

Installing custom-built, door glass is a great way to enhance the interior look of your Elizabeth home. Consider replacing your current patio door glass with etched designs for a truly novel look. Bring sliding-glass doors to life with custom designs, in-laid etching and frosting. Choose to install doors with specially tinted glass panels, it will bring an entirely new light aspect to a room and drastically change a room's ambiance.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows and glass use a special metallic coating to block out the majority of ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation has two unwanted effects on a room's interior. First, it causes furniture, carpet and paints to fade. If you have furniture that you want to keep looking like new, Low-E windows will help protect it. Second, UV light causes a harsh glare in a room that is hard on the eyes. Low-E glass blocks this while only reducing the transmission of natural light by about 10%, leaving a room with plenty of light.

Glass Doctor of Elizabeth, NJ provides custom glass decor for every room in your house. Schedule a consultation with one of our specialists today!