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Clear Choice Protectant

The beauty and sophistication of a glass surface is undone by unsightly stains or mildew. Homeowners spend hours on their hands and knees with a scrub brush, applying dangerous and caustic chemicals to surface to achieve a crisp, clean shine. Glass Doctor® of Elizabeth, NJ is proud to offer a viable alternative to chemical cleaners that will keep your glass looking great for years to come. Clear Choice™ treatment gives all of your silica-based surfaces enhanced water and oil resistance, enabling them to repel common causes of dirt and grime through proactive glass care. With Clear Choice, mineral deposits and soap scum stains will no longer detract from the beauty of your bathroom.

An Investment For The Future

Minerals in your water cause build up around faucets and leave stains on most bathroom surfaces. Over time, the hard water seeps into granite and porcelain, making them almost impossible to clean. Glass surfaces and tiles become cloudy or take on a muddy appearance the longer hard water deposits stay on their surface.

At Glass Doctor of Elizabeth, NJ we use proactive glass care to protect the integrity and appearance of your bathroom surfaces. Our experts will apply a coat of Clear Choice on your glass, and for the next five years, you'll enjoy a greater level of protection against incidental and environmental damage to your glass surfaces.

Clear Choice Is The Clear Choice

You'll be shocked at the difference a single Clear Choice treatment has for the glass surfaces in your bathroom. You'll experience benefits such as:

  • Ease of cleaning: Rather than hours on your knees scrubbing your glass, you can clean your glass surfaces in minutes.
  • Healthier homes: Repelling contaminants reduces mold and bacteria growth.
  • Better looking glass: Incidental damage from scratches and minor impacts is reduced and the surface maintains a classic shine.
  • Fewer chemical cleaners: Clear Choice replaces the harsh chemical cleaners you would normally use to clean your surfaces.

The Glass Doctor of Elizabeth, NJ team strongly believes in proactive glass care and damage prevention for all of our customers. Contact us to learn more about our custom glass installations, and be sure to ask for Clear Choice treatments with any glass order. Call 866-318-9304 today to schedule your free consultation.