Passenger Safety Begins With Your Glass

Riding the highways and byways that weave around the place you call home can lead to adventure, opportunities, and excitement. Unfortunately, there is also the risk of an automobile accident leaving you or your passengers harmed or worse. You likely know that proper maintenance of your vehicle will reduce the risk of an accident, but you may underestimate the importance that auto glass care plays in your safety.

The Hazards of Broken Glass

The Brain Injury Institute warns that broken glass sent through the cabin of an automobile during a collision may pierce through the bone of a passenger's skull and cause immediate death. Cuts through softer tissue are more common, introducing the possibility of bleeding to death while waiting for emergency crews. Ejection from a vehicle is a major concern in rollover accidents, frequently being a leading contributor to fatalities in such incidents. If a window shatters, it leaves an opening in the automobile's exterior that passengers may be ejected through.

Factors that Leave Your Glass Vulnerable

The forces involved in automobile accidents are frequently strong enough to break through windows, which is why automobile glass is designed to hold together as best as possible. While this is true, windows with scratches, gouging, or other damage types become much more susceptible to total failure in the face of repeat injuries. Surface scratches that have little depth have a negligible impact on the structural integrity of the glass, mostly just interfering with driver visibility. Cracks and craters, even small ones, can lead to serious damage from impacts as minor as a rock flung from a tire.

Improving Your Glass's Integrity

The best way to keep your glass healthy is by including it in your normal vehicle assessment, maintenance, and repair. Regularly inspect all glass panels for signs of damage. If you do find a cluster of scratches or cracking below the surface, take your vehicle in for an immediate visit with Glass Doctor® of Edmonton. Whether there's a single crack or the windshield is imitating a road map, Glass Doctor can restore your windows to prime condition. Don't let your neglect lead to serious injury or death that could have been avoided, and pay attention to your auto glass care responsibilities.