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Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

People love windows and most are drawn to indoor environments that provide exposure to daylight and views of the outside world. Research indicates that exposure to sunlight, while working or relaxing indoors, has many health benefits. In an office environment, exposure to daylight, has been found to increase physical activity, improve sleep, and enhance the quality of life. Mood, metabolism, and alertness are linked to our access to daylight. Luxury hotels are discovering that, when creating the right environment for their guests, along with comfortable beds, lighting quality, room temperature, and noise levels are significant factors to consider. Like hotels, hospitals are finding that windows provide numerous health benefits to bedridden patients. If you are considering pane improvement on a large scale, Glass Doctor® of Edmonton is your solution. Tinting, security film, and low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings are three possibilities to explore.

Window Tint

Window tint can provide major advantages to businesses. This upgrade is visually appealing, and also protects carpets, hardwood floors, and fabrics from being faded or damaged by sunlight. Along with aesthetics, tinting increases comfort, privacy, and energy savings. The professionals at Glass Doctor of Edmonton can help you determine which window tint would best fulfill your requirements, whether that involves:

  • Aesthetics
  • Privacy
  • Glare Shield
  • Prevent UV Rays
  • Heat Rejection
  • Interior Protection
  • Increase Energy Savings

Security Film

Security film transforms windows from being highly vulnerable to natural or manmade threats, to being sources of defensive strength. Security film holds shattered pieces of glass together, almost obliterating the danger of flying glass if the window is broken for any reason. The film does not alter the appeal of the indoor environment, allows nearly 70% of sunlight through the windows, and views are not obstructed. Along with the protection security film provides, it lowers energy costs by casting off over 50% of the heat coming through the panes, and rejecting the sun’s infrared rays.

Low-E Coating

Low-E coating involves the application of a metallic oxide coating to windows. The resulting glass surface allows light to come through, but reflects heat. By reducing the amount of ultraviolet light passing through windows, the heat generated by the light is also significantly reduced, lowering air conditioning bills in the summer, and heating costs in the winter. Low-E glass reduces energy use, lessens the fading of fabrics and damaging impacts of sunlight, and enhances the comfort level of the environment.

Pane improvement on a large scale offers several highly desirable benefits for business owners, employees, patrons, and guests. Call Glass Doctor of Edmonton to discover the types of glass available, design ideas to promote your business, and the numerous services they offer to meet your window, and other glass, needs.