Upgrade the Energy Efficiency of a House

A home is a place that you can see yourself growing old with your loved ones while sharing the moments that make life beautiful. Houses that were built in a time when the real estate market was more about finding one place to settle than moving into something ostensibly newer and better.

The Timeless Grace of Classic Homes

Despite all of the ways that older homes make for fantastic places to establish your roots, there have been advances in design and technology that offer ways to improve an older structure without ruining what makes it so endearing, especially in the areas of energy conservation.

One of the easiest ways to start upgrading the energy efficiency of a house is to inspect the windows and replace less sophisticated varieties with double pane windows. The technique of creating an insulating layer between two panels of glass wasn't in wide circulation before the second half of the 20th century, so even western cities like Edmonton have many neighborhoods where well above half the homes were built before 1950 and likely lack the simple upgrade to a double pane installation.

It's Time for a Treatment from the Glass Doctor

You don't have to feel forced to choose between living in the house you truly want to call your home and an energy-efficient lifestyle once you let the Glass Doctor® of Edmonton team of window surgery specialists give the place a check-up. While they're replacing the older glass with more efficient double pane windows, they can inspect other glass around the home.

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Edmonton today to get your older home back to good health as soon as possible.