Childproof Your Home for Summer

School will soon be out for the summer, which makes now the ideal time to child proof your home. These simple solutions available through Glass Doctor® of Edmonton will keep your kids safe from injury and illness.

Clear Choice Protectant

By creating a barrier against water and oil, Clear Choice™ glass treatment prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew, keeping your home germ-free. You can apply the protectant to any surface in the kitchen or bathroom made of glass, tile, granite and porcelain, including countertops, sinks, toilets, and windows.

Tempered Glass

According to the Harvard Gazette, tempered glass could prevent up to 20,000 injuries every year. Tempered glass is up to five times as strong as regular glass, and in the case it does break, rather than shatter into small shards, it splits into large pieces to prevent injuries. For this reason, tempered glass is ideal for glass coffee tables, glass dining tables, shelving for china cabinets and TV stands, sliding patio doors, and just about any other glass decor in a home with kids.

Locking Mechanisms

Repairing locks will ensure windows stay securely shut at all times. With a properly functioning sash lock, tilt latch, or balance, there is no risk of a window opening by accident.

Window Tinting

You always protect your kids when they are outdoors with sunscreen, but UV rays can also enter the home through windows. Keep your kids safe from the damaging effects of exposure to sun rays by applying tint or security film to your glass. The glass treatment will have no impact on your home’s curb appeal and it will still allow sunlight to enter your home.

Our specialists at Glass Doctor of Edmonton can provide you with all the above services. Contact us for a free in-home consultation to discover how we can child proof your home.