Allergy Relief in Double Pane Windows

To avoid their unpleasant symptoms, allergy sufferers often resort to locking themselves in their houses and hoping for the best throughout the spring. Unfortunately, low-quality windows offer no protection against pollen, mould and other allergens. The allergy sufferer will feel just as uncomfortable in their home as if you were outside. Luckily, Glass Doctor¨ of Edmonton has the solution.

Allergy Relief from a Double Pane Window

Insulated glass units (IGUs), such as a double pane window from Glass Doctor of Edmonton, will seal your home from the elements. Unlike a single pane window, IGUs prevent the condensation that leads to mould growth inside your home. Plus, when closed, they do not leave the slightest gap for pollen to enter.

Upgrade Your Windows

Double pane windows that are too old may no longer function properly. If you notice condensation between the panes or feel an airflow, your double pane window most likely has a broken seal and is no longer providing you with proper insulation. It is particularly important to repair windows in bedrooms, otherwise you'll be exposed to allergens all night long.

Our specialists are available to check if your windows need to be resealed or replaced. We are often able to leave the frames intact. Instead, we change the panes to save you money and maintain your curb appeal while preparing your home for spring. Find out if your windows are the source of your allergies with a free in-home consultation from Glass Doctor of Edmonton.