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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Damage to your windshield should always be addressed quickly to avoid compromising the safety and integrity of your vehicle. Glass Doctor® of Eau Claire specializes in windshield chip repair and car glass replacement. Although most windshield chips can be repaired, the experts at Glass Doctor of Eau Claire assess each case individually to decide whether windshield chip repair or replacement is necessary. Determining factors include:

  • Size: Typically chips larger than three inches require replacement, with a few exceptions
  • Location: Cracks or chips that fall directly in the driver’s line of vision call for replacement since a repair could leave a slight outline of the area. Splintered cracks or chips near the edge of the windshield are more apt to spread and also require replacement.
  • Time span: Delaying repair allows a buildup of dirt and residue to accumulate in the damaged area, making repair less dependable and windshield replacement the required option.

Glass Doctor of Eau Claire makes the process simple and stress free by working with all major insurance companies and filing any necessary paperwork to your carrier.

Windshield Repair

There are various advantages to windshield chip repair versus replacement that include:

  • Convenience: Windshield repairs are normally performed within an hour.
  • Savings: The cost of a windshield chip repair is far less than an entire auto glass replacement.
  • Insurance: Many insurance companies are willing to waive the deductible and even pay for a windshield repair due to the cost effectiveness over complete replacement.
  • Environmentally Conscious: A windshield replacement impacts the environment by sending the damaged glass to a landfill while a repair is earth-friendly.

During the repair process, a Glass Doctor of Eau Claire expert removes any debris from the damaged glass. Once the area is clean, high-grade resin is injected into the chip or crack with a special tool. The resin is allowed proper curing time before the area is polished to a clear, safe finish.

Windshield Replacement

Glass Doctor of Eau Claire understands the importance of keeping you and your family safe and secure. A damaged windshield can greatly impact the structural integrity of your vehicle and compromise the safety of its passengers and driver. Servicing vehicles, which require complete auto glass replacement, is performed with efficiency and care at Glass Doctor. Our experts skillfully remove the damaged windshield without damaging the paint or bonding surface to ensure that future leaks or corrosion don’t occur. Glass Doctor of Eau Claire strictly uses matching original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality replacement auto glass. The replacement windshield is installed following guidelines recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) and using high quality, AGSC approved adhesives. Once the installation is finished and the recommended one hour drive away time is met, you are safely on your way.

Glass Doctor of Eau Claire provides the G12® Road Hazard Guarantee with each new windshield installation, giving you added peace of mind. Chips or cracks that occur within 12 months of the installation are repaired without charge and one complete windshield replacement, if needed is covered by the G12 program. Ask one of our specialists about additional coverage options to protect your auto glass.

When auto glass damage disrupts your schedule, contact Glass Doctor of Eau Claire for quick and reliable windshield chip repair or windshield replacement.