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Storefront Doors

The glass windows and doors of your business' storefront are the first impression you make. Storefront care should be a priority for any business, so you'll always impress your customers. Glass Doctor® of Eau Claire provides storefront care, including remodeling, repairs and replacement of windows, doors and glass entryways. Our glass specialists have the tools and experience needed to get your job done quickly and professionally. With our help, your storefront will be safe, secure and look its best.

Storefront Doors

In addition to storefront care and door repair, we provide many options for custom storefront doors. Accentuate your business' existing style, or dramatically overhaul your storefront's appearance. We will work with you to design a unique look for your store. Design a door with your company's logo, name, address, hours of operation and more. If you're concerned about safety, choose bulletproof, tempered or fireproof glass to protect your store from emergencies or disasters. And if you live in a coastal region, hurricane glass will give you an extra layer of protection.

Security Film

Our glass specialists will apply security film to existing glass windows and doors to protect your business. This tear-resistant film allows light to enter your business freely but strengthens panes to withstand more blunt force damage. If the film is torn, the glass will stick to it as it breaks into large dull chunks. These chunks are far easier and safer to clean up than ordinary shards of glass. Security film will protect your storefront from hazardous weather and wayward rocks. It also deters thieves, criminals and vandals from breaking into your store after-hours.

24-Hour Emergency Storefront Care

Glass seldom breaks at a time that's convenient. A broken window or door has the potential to increase your business' liabilities and invite further trouble. We know it's difficult to schedule glass repairs for a time that meshes well with your company's busy schedule. That's why we provide 24/7 emergency storefront care services. When your glass breaks, call us day or night. We'll sweep up the shards, board up your windows and doors and schedule a convenient time for the full replacement.

Your storefront is your business' first impression. Treat it like the valuable asset it is. The friendly, professional specialists at Glass Doctor of Eau Claire will work with you to redesign your storefront's glass, so it's beautiful and eye-catching. We'll also perform emergency storefront care services to make sure your business is safe. Contact us today for more details about these and other high-quality glass services we provide our commercial and residential customers.