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Door Closer Repair Service

Put your customers in a good mood before you even greet them with a properly functioning entrance door. It's simple to make customers feel welcome with expert door closer repair from Glass Doctor® of Eau Claire. There's no substitute for professional door closer repair. Count on us to ensure that walking through your door is a great experience.

Proper Door Closer Function

Ideally, manual door closers let customers open your door smoothly. Visitors must apply some pressure to open it. They should neither struggle to enter nor push too hard and stumble inside. A well-functioning door closer would then spring into action, bringing your door back into the frame quietly.

Common Door Closer Issues

A door closer's warranty typically demands professional repairs. Our well-trained team is familiar with all manual door closers, so our services won't void your guarantee. We go beyond door closer repair to provide complete entryway service. We repair door hardware, hinges, frames and glass. The most common door closer repairs we make are for:

Wrong door closer type: If your door is on the heavier side, it must have a sufficiently robust door closer with heavy-duty springs. If customers have difficulty entering, or the door shuts with a bang, you may have the wrong door closer equipment installed. Misfit equipment will result in door or frame damage. You could be putting visitors in danger of an accident.

Installation and adjustment errors: When Glass Doctor of Eau Claire performs your door closer installation, you can rest assured that we use the right tools, combined with years of experience, for optimum installation. Our team also maintains door closers to ensure they work well throughout their lifecycle. When installing your door closer, our specialists adjust the springs for safe, comfortable closure. We keep your door closer in working order to prevent:

  • Door casing damage
  • Sudden door motion
  • Misaligned door and frame
  • Early door closer replacement

Seal and lubrication problems: A cracked door closer seal creates an open space that allows leaks, squeaks and excessive door wear and tear. An oil leak may mean faulty seals or O-rings, missing screws or other mechanical malfunctions. Regular door closer repair service maintains lubrication and keeps the door operating safely and quietly. Maintenance also keeps the door in good shape for many years.

Door locking problems: A door that's tricky to lock poses security risks. Employees, customers and inventory are in danger. Lock issues also affect the wellbeing of the door frame, locking mechanism and door closer. Closing your door should be easy and quick.

Door Closer Maintenance Solutions

If your door closer shows symptoms of wear or needs repair, call on us. Expect prompt repair and flawless door operation. We will keep your customers happy and your store in top-shop. Contact Glass Doctor of /location-name?fid=499 today to set up a free consultation.