Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Update your home with custom glass tabletops made by the experts at Glass Doctor of Durango. We know how to harness the beauty and versatility of custom glass to create one-of-a-kind tables for local homeowners. Our glass tabletops, shelves, and other custom surfaces are always designed with the details you request and installed with the utmost care and precision, and we offer a variety of protective options to enhance your glass after installation too.

Decorative Glass Tabletops

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass is always a smart investment because it instantly makes indoor spaces look bigger, brighter, and cleaner. Because glass reflects and redirects light flow, glass tabletops allow more of your room to stay visible, providing a better perspective of other fixtures in the space. Custom glass tabletops also make it easy to upgrade an older desk or table, preventing the need for a full replacement and creating instant statement pieces in any room.

Protective Glass Tabletops

Protect, replace or upgrade your current dining room table with a custom glass tabletop that fits your table perfectly. Glass provides a slick, easy-to-clean barrier that sits on top of antique wood and other valuable surface. Our team will cut a new glass tabletop and install it on top of your current furniture. With the right fit and illumination, this custom glass cover will preserve and show off the details of your furniture without exposing its porous surface to stains and scratches.

Custom Safety Glass

Outdoor tables and heavy-duty indoor tabletops need extra protection to prevent dangerous situations. We will fix your outdoor patio set with a new tempered glass tabletop, cut to match your custom dimensions and made to prevent shifting and shattering. We also offer security film and laminated safety glass for specialty installations inside your home, protecting your family members and pets from the dangers of broken glass.

Custom Glass Shelving

Tables aren't the only surfaces that benefit from glass upgrades. Your shelving units and other storage options also improve with a lighter, brighter update. At Glass Doctor of Durango, we will stagger your new custom glass shelves in any configuration you choose, taking full advantage of vertical storage space while providing 360-degree views of your favorite belongings. Nothing beats the personalized appeal of custom shelving, and we offer a variety of glass shelves with telltale details such as custom edging, metal frames and mounts, and tints to match your decor and furnishings.

Trust our Expertise

Call Glass Doctor of Durango today to learn more about our custom glass tabletops and other personalized glass surfaces. We want your favorite spaces to be brighter and more inviting. We prioritize your safety, storage, and maintenance needs with every installation.