Advance Measurement System

Discovering that your business is in need of emergency glass repair can be a distressing experience as you attempt to quickly locate someone who can board up the damage and come back to replace the glass. However, this situation is not completely unpredictable, especially if you have experienced it before. Glass Doctor® of Durango offers a proactive glass care program called Advance Measurement that can help you get your glass replaced faster and minimize the effect that breakage has on your business.

Our Advance Measurement System

The Glass Doctor of Durango Advance Measurement system is a proactive glass care program that allows our glass experts to come to your facility and accurately measure and record your glass needs. Our glass specialists carefully measure the panes in your glass doors, windows and other products, along with any specific information about the glass such as safety glass requirements. They then draft a special diagram that is unique to your facility. If you are ever in need of replacement glass, using this proactive glass care program can save you time and money.

The Advance Measurement System Saves Time

Because you will have a special diagram that is unique to your business, all you have to do is call one of our professional glass experts and report the number on your diagram that corresponds with the glass that needs to be replaced. Based on this information, our glass specialist matches the glass you need replaced with glass that is in stock. Rather than having an initial service call result in a board-up and a second visit to install the glass, our glass expert can install the glass in one visit. Another time-saver is that members can relay their contact and credit information so that they do not have to answer these pesky questions at a time of emergency.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Our proactive glass care program provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Your business operations will not suffer through interruption like they might without membership in this exclusive program.
  • Clean-up: Rest assured that the space will be thoroughly cleaned to avoid potential employee or customer injury
  • Aesthetics: Repair your windows without the need for any unsightly board ups.
  • Restoration of Security: Quickly reestablish security and reduce additional vandalism or damage with our expedited service

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