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Clear Choice Protectant

Glass decor beautifies every room in your home and gives your surroundings a contemporary feel. It protects your furniture and allows natural light to brighten your interior spaces. At Glass Doctor of Central Carolina, we know that glass performs many functions in your home. To protect, preserve, and maintain the beauty of your glass decor, we recommend Clear Choice® Glass protectant.

Clear Choice glass treatment enhances glass, but it also protects and beautifies mirrors, granite, and other silica-based surfaces in your home. A single protective coat guards against hard water and soap scum deposits and a host of environmental contaminants. It's a convenient and economical way to shrink your endless list of household cleaning chores.

Protect Your Investment

It takes a good deal of your time and money to transform your home into the attractive haven you desire. You choose granite, glass, and porcelain decor as they add beauty and style. You remodel your bath with custom mirrors, modern glass shower doors, and decorative glass shelves. You protect your fine wooden surfaces with glass tabletops. Of course, you understand that your investment requires diligent care to keep it looking good.

Patented Clear Choice glass treatment gives you the power to protect your investment with minimal effort. When applied professionally, your surfaces are scratch, stain, and water resistant. While this remarkable glass treatment enhances, preserves, and protects your decorative surfaces, it also provides a barrier that minimizes the harmful effect of contaminants.

  • Hard water
  • Minerals
  • Pollution
  • Weather

Benefits of Clear Choice

You'll immediately notice the benefits after one application of Clear Choice glass treatment. Despite the challenges of daily use, your bathroom mirrors, glass shower doors, granite counter tops, and decorative surfaces indoors and out maintain their beauty and require less cleaning effort. You'll appreciate the benefits.

  • Glossier surfaces
  • Reduced mold and bacteria
  • Surface impact protection
  • Shields against hard water etching
  • Eco-friendly formula

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