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Clear Choice Protectant

If you have ever wished for a bathroom that stays looking new for years, an innovative glass and surface treatment from Glass Doctor® of Middle Georgia in Dublin, GA offers a solution. Clear Choice™ protectant puts you one step closer to long-term bathroom perfection. Professionally applied Clear Choice works on most bathroom surfaces, which are typically silica based. As the name suggests, Clear Choice protects your bathroom's smooth and shiny surfaces from stains and germs, making them simple to keep clean, for up to five years.

Bathroom Upgrades: Protect Your Investment

When your bathroom tile, granite countertops, porcelain sinks, tub, toilet and glass shower doors are first installed, they look pristine and gorgeous. Typically, things go downhill from there in the room your family and guests use daily. Despite your hard work to keep the bathroom counter and fixtures clean and shiny, the new look inevitably wears off--and much sooner than you would like. Clear Choice surface treatment was designed to change things for the better, by actually rendering your bathroom resistant to:

  • Dirt
  • Germs
  • Hard water Stains
  • Daily wear-and-tear

Clear Choice Advantages

At Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia, we want your bathroom to look its very best. Clear Choice polymers act like a force field that preserves, protects and maintains valuable bathroom surfaces. Your benefits include:

  • Avoid exposure to harsh, environmentally damaging bathroom cleansers
  • Decrease in bacteria and mold growth
  • Protection against hard water damage and surface etching
  • Long-lasting glossy “like new” bathroom surfaces
  • Resistance to scratches and impacts preserves the new look

Preserve the beauty of your bathroom with Clear Choice. Ask your Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia specialist about an application of this protective surface treatment when installing new bathroom glass. Schedule a free in-home design consultation for all your residential glass needs. Contact us today.