Window Repair and Replacement in Dublin, OH

Broken window? Cracked pane? Home renovation? Choose professional service from the expert technicians at Glass Doctor® of Dublin, OH. We offer window repair (pane replacement) and full window replacement services throughout the region.

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Our Window Repair and Replacement Services

Our window glass services fall into two categories:

  • Window repair (mechanical repairs, frame fixes, or windowpane replacements)
  • Full window replacement

No matter the cause of the initial damage or the reason for replacement, our technicians will help you find the right solution. We service all window types (single pane, double pane, transom, sidelight, and more) at both commercial and residential properties.

We even offer 24/7 emergency window repair in Dublin, Ohio, to secure homes and businesses. Emergency services apply only to shattered or cracked glass doors and windows—those items that pose the most risk to the safety and security of your property. Learn about available emergency glass services.

Window Repair and Windowpane Replacement

The goal of window repair is to save time and money while maintaining the aesthetic of your property. Potential repairs include hardware repairs, frame repairs, and replacing a single windowpane. These are all great options for property owners with new, efficient windows or windows of historical significance.

Windowpane replacement requires a custom pane to be cut and installed in the existing frame. Our technicians will work with you to select the appropriate glass for your window and to ensure all other elements are in good working order.

The Window Repair Process

Let Glass Doctor of Dublin, Ohio, provide the right window solution by:

  1. Establishing the source of the problem
  2. Making recommendations for future prevention
  3. Cleaning up broken glass and debris
  4. Boarding up and tarping over broken or missing panes—if immediate replacement is unavailable
  5. Ordering a new unit and scheduling return service if necessary. (Some standard window sizes may be available immediately)
  6. Installing your new unit with a professional finish

Window Replacement

Window replacement is ideal for properties with damaged, old windows but also for property owners who are looking to benefit from enhanced soundproofing and energy efficiency. We install single pane windows as well as low-E, double pane, and insulated glass units (IGUs).

Whether your windows have been damaged or you’re looking for an upgrade, we’ll take care of it—even if your windows are an irregular shape or size and require custom design.

Find Window Repair and Window Replacement Near Me

Broken, damaged, and old windows compromise both safety and energy efficiency. Whatever type of window repair or upgrade you need, choose Glass Doctor of Dublin, OH, to do the job right.

Request an appointment online or call (614) 696-6530 to get quality, professional window repair and replacement services.

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