Advance Measurement in Dublin, Ohio

Nothing brings business operations to halt like broken glass from an accident or break-in. That’s why business leaders choose the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® Auto, Home, and Business of Dublin, Ohio.

We’ll proactively measure your facility’s glass elements to prevent unnecessary workplace disruptions for future glass repairs. You can reference a comprehensive diagram of all your glass, including safety or code requirements, to plan for any situation.

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Faster Business Glass Replacement and Repair

Glass never breaks at a convenient time. It happens day and night, so it pays to be forward-thinking. The best way to get ahead of problems caused by broken glass is to create a plan with Glass Doctor for commercial glass measurement in Dublin, OH.

Here’s our process:

  1. Our technicians do an in-depth survey of your facility to measure all windows, doors, and other glass features.
  2. We create a diagram that shows the dimensions and material details of every pane of glass in your building. You get a copy, and we get a copy.
  3. We note specific safety and code requirements according to local and industry guidelines.
  4. We pre-establish credit, billing, and contact information with you so we can expedite future business glass services.
  5. Next time you need a glass repair or replacement, you will simply refer to your Advance Measurement diagram and tell us the number of the element that needs attention.
  6. We head your way with the right tools and glass products, ready to efficiently handle the job.

Faster Commercial Glass Repair & Replacement Services

Advance Measurement means faster commercial glass repair & replacement service. Choose faster business glass repair from Glass Doctor of Dublin, Ohio, to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Savings: For Advance Measurement customers, we can often complete glass repair or installation in one visit, which reduces costs.
  • Convenience: A single glass services visit also reduces interruptions of daily business operations
  • Lower risk: Expert cleanup and replacement reduce the risk of injury to employees and customers.
  • Security: Quickly reduce the risk of further exposure to theft and vandalism.
  • Brand image: Maintain an attractive storefront by avoiding prolonged board-ups.
  • Easier billing: Take care of financials by sharing credit and billing information ahead of time.

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