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Double Pane Windows

Windows fill your home with natural sunlight and beautiful views, but that's not the only result of inviting outdoor conditions inside. At Glass Doctor® of Baldwin County, we know that windows are also the biggest source of unwanted temperature exchange. 

Importance of Insulated Windows

double pane window

Because Baldwin County is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, wind and humidity are inevitable concerns for local homeowners. Our bays, rivers and lakes also contribute to excessive moisture and temperature changes throughout the year. As a result, condensation builds up on exposed surfaces due to precipitation, humid air and rapid temperature increases. Even the tiniest gaps and cracks cause wind and air conditioning alike to exchange. 

Window insulation affects everything from your personal comfort to your utility bills. No matter where you live, nearby water sources and our hot Southern climate will ensure that you pay the price for poor insulation and broken window seals. That's why we only install high-quality panes that prevent indoor heat gain and keep the external elements where they belong—outside. 

Benefits of Double Pane Windows 

Glass Doctor of Baldwin County is your go-to source for insulated glass (IG) windows. We specialize in double plane windows, which consist of two independent glass panes separated by a sealed, moisture-absorbing spacer. We also seal the perimeters of each pane to keep out wind and moisture, preventing condensation buildup and drafts.

Your double plane installation options include IG kits with additional insulation features, such as warm-edge glass spacers, absorbent desiccants and inert gas that fills the space between each pane. After we install our world-class double pane windows, your home's openings will finally be airtight and waterproof. 

Repairing or Replacing Your Windows

You don't need a full window replacement to correct past installation mistakes or reverse weather damage. Glass Doctor of Baldwin County respects your time and budget constraints, so we keep current window frames intact whenever possible. If your panes are chipped, milky, improperly sealed or too thin to get the job done, we'll remove them and install double pane windows in their place. We also use high-grade sealants and conduct thorough inspections after each window repair, to ensure you receive maximum protection. 

Don't wait another day to insulate your home and reduce your energy expenses. Call Glass Doctor of Baldwin County today to set up an appointment!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.