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Local Glass Repair Specialists in Urbandale

Glass Doctor of Des Moines

Whether for your home, vehicle or place of business, Glass Doctor® of Des Moines in Urbandale provides glass repair and replacement services. A courteous glass repair specialist will respond quickly and professionally to your call. With our specially equipped vehicles, repairing and replacing specific glass units is easy. Before any work is started, the specialist will review the options and offer the best solution. Along with a detailed explanation of the process, the specialist will provide guaranteed pricing for the work to be done. Available 24 hours per day and seven days per week, a Glass Doctor of Des Moines in Urbandale specialist will come to your location for glass repair or replacement as needed and, most importantly, make sure your home is completely secure when finished. Your safety is our priority.

Home Glass Repair in Urbandale

The extreme temperatures of Iowa’s summers and winters can compromise the comfort of any home or office. Without insulated windows, the cost of cooling in the summer and heating in the winter are noticeably higher as the temperature transfers through single panes of glass. Glass Doctor professionally-installed, double-pane windows eliminate drafts and temperature imbalances while reducing energy bills. Also installation of double pane windows will increase the re-sale value of your home.

If your existing double-pane or insulated windows are showing signs of moisture or cloudiness, it is likely that the seals are broken which reduces their effectiveness. Glass Doctor of Des Moines will replace only the panes that are faulty and will usually be able to insert these into the original frames.

Glass Doctor of Des Moines design experts can provide recommendations regarding glass shower doors and tub enclosure installation. Replacing old shower curtains with new glass panels will open up the space in your bathroom to create a roomier, more elegant look. Our specialists can also repair and replace mirrors and other glass surfaces.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Urbandale

Glass Doctor of Des Moines will repair or replace any broken auto glass. In most cases, if the damage is a chip of about 3/8” or a crack shorter than three inches, our specialist may repair the problem quickly. Having a chip or crack repaired immediately is critical since the damage can easily spread or fill with dirt and dust in a very short time. If this should happen, the windshield may not be repairable and must be replaced. In addition, if a crack should happen to occur at the edge of the glass, replacement may also be recommended. Our auto glass specialists will assist with your auto insurance claim as well.

When repair is not possible, a Glass Doctor specialist will replace your broken windshield quickly and professionally with a manufacturer-specified windshield.  All of our work is in compliance with Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards® (AGRSS) and will be warranted by our G12® Windshield breakage guarantee.

Business Glass Repair in Urbandale

Glass Doctor Des Moines will professionally perform glass repair or replacement for any doors, windows or interior glass features at your office or place of business. Our glass consultants will advise the best solutions for security, attractiveness and economy to ensure that your business is secure and looks great. We also install fire-rated, security and bullet-resistant glass to protect your business and provide peace of mind. 

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