Windshield Repair

When a windshield is chipped or cracked it is significantly weakened, reducing its ability to absorb energy in the event of a collision and increasing the chances of an injury to you or your passengers. Faced with a chip or crack owners often assume a full replacement is necessary, but in many cases windshield chip repair can return your windshield to 100% working order. Meet with a Glass Doctor® of Demopolis, AL specialist about your glass care options.

Windshield Care Criteria

In order to determine if you require a replacement or if a repair will suffice, our teams assess multiple factors:

  • Age: The longer a chip or crack is present, the more dirt and grime builds up inside. This makes it much more difficult to repair, so older chips and cracks are more likely to necessitate a full replacement.
  • Size: Cracks longer than three inches will mean your windshield must be replaced immediately. For chips, anything larger than 3/8 inch will normally require a replacement. Anything smaller than this and it is likely a repair will be all you need.
  • Location: Even a fully repaired chip will distort the driver’s vision slightly. Because of this chips or cracks directly in the driver’s line of sight require the replacement of the entire windshield. Cracks that extend to the edge of the windshield also require replacement.

Convenient Windshield Chip Repair

At Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL, we understand your time is precious, which is why our teams are focused on providing the best, quickest windshield chip repair service.

Our team will come to you and perform the repair and our repairs are typically complete within 30 minutes. We will first remove all the debris from the crack or chip, sometimes using a drill where necessary, and then inject a special resin into the flaw in your glass. Once this resin has cured we polish to a clear finish, you’re ready to go.

Repairing your windshield offers significant economic advantages over a full replacement. Not only is the service itself much cheaper but most insurance companies will pay for the repair, even waiving your deductible. As an added bonus, Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL has a working relationship with all of the biggest insurance carriers, which means we can make the claim for you.

Full Windshield Replacement

When a full replacement is necessary our team only uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality windshields, so your new windshield is as good as the old one. We also use the adhesives and best practice the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) recommends. Once fitted, your new windshield will be ready to drive again within one hour. As a thank you to our customers, we include a 12-month guarantee on the replacement, known as our G12 Road Hazard Guarantee.

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