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Industry Glass Solutions

With Glass Doctor® of Demopolis, AL, you receive the best industry glass repair available today. Our highly trained specialists have years of combined experience performing virtually any form of glass repair, replacement and renovation imaginable. To better serve our loyal clients, we offer a Commercial Care program that includes a variety of benefits such as lower costs on emergency board-ups, discounted members-only pricing on all work done, fast commercial account setup and even a 15% discount on any auto glass repair or replacement. For outstanding service 24/7, Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL is the company to call.


Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL understands the importance of creating an inviting atmosphere for your patrons. Our specialists will install glass tabletops, plate glass windows, and ornate patio doors to suit your restaurant's unique style. Create a more aesthetically pleasing patio environment with partitions, atriums and decorative, tinted glass. We will install high-quality sneeze guards or drive-thru windows where they are needed as well.

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Schools and Universities

Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL will completely revamp and revitalize the glass of your school or university to nurture a comfortable, creative atmosphere for all. To showcase your school's many achievements and awards, ask our specialists about installing a beautiful new display case. Enhance student dorms and staff living quarters by retrofitting mirrors, installing new shower doors and replacing drafty windows. Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL will also improve the safety of your university or school by applying a protective fire-resistant glazing to all glass panes.

Condominiums and Apartments

Rely on Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL to provide your apartment or condominium with comprehensive, 24/7 industry glass repair to serve all your tenants. Our specialists will install or repair glass for on-site facilities as well including workout areas, pools and locker rooms. Custom installations or repairs are also no problem. To further serve the residents of your property, a 15% discount will be applied to any work on auto glass.

Motels and Hotels

Improve the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your hotel or motel rooms by upgrading or retrofitting existing glass panes. Emergency hotel industry window repair for your rooms and on-site facilities is provided around the clock. Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL also specializes in installing beautifully decorated shower doors in styles such as frameless, framed, heavy or bypass.


Create a new, stunning ambiance for your retail environment by investing in upgraded glass throughout your business. Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL will install outstanding custom glass shelving, partitions or display cases, walking you through every step of the process. Our experienced specialists are also happy to retrofit existing windows and doors to more energy efficient models. For additional security, ask our specialists about fire and bullet-resistant glass.

Municipalities and Cities

Keep your city or municipality looking perfect and pristine by trusting in Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL for all your industry glass repair needs. Our specialists are very experienced in every aspect of commercial glass installation, repair, and replacement. Reduce energy costs by replacing drafty windows with double or triple-pane models. For added safety, ask our specialists about fire-rated glass options as well.

To receive immediate assistance today, contact Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL over the phone or complete a quick service request online to schedule an appointment right now.