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Custom Cut Glass

Make your home brighter, prettier and easier to clean with custom cut glass from Glass Doctor® of Demopolis, AL. In addition to our comprehensive glass repair and replacement services, we help local homeowners customize their lives with one-of-a-kind glass installations. You decide all the details, and we work with you to cut, customize and install glass surfaces that complement your architecture and represent your true tastes.


If you want your home to make a flawless first impression on new visitors, upgrade your front door with brand new glass inserts. Our door glass options include insulated double-pane inserts and weatherproof panes that will withstand outdoor elements, and we will even customize side windows to match. Of course, we also offer custom glass for sliding doors, French doors, shower doors and more.

Table Tops

Custom glass is a versatile and low-maintenance choice for dining rooms and kitchens because glass tables are easy to clean and won't get ruined by mealtime mishaps. A heavy-duty glass table top will also protect a valuable wooden table from scratches and stains without concealing the grain. New glass is even an eye-catching way to elevate your coffee table, patio set or counters.


Showcase your home decor from every angle with chic glass shelving. Glass shelves won't interrupt the visual flow of your small living room or carefully curated entryway. Open your shelving unit by ditching your particle board shelves for glass replacements, or create a floating effect by staggering individual shelves across your wall. Just tell us how to finish the edges and where to install them. Our talented team of specialists will make sure they stay put and meet all your specifications.


Custom mirrors give you more power over the light flow and look of each room, and we work hard to ensure your satisfaction. Our custom glass mirrors are available with or without frames, and we offer a variety of different tints, finishes, shapes and sizes. Open up a dark room or narrow hallway by installing a mirror that spans the length of one wall, or use a matching frame to create the illusion of extra space above your fireplace.


Protect the rest of your home decor with UV-resistant windows that let in sunlight but stop its harmful effects. Our low-emissivity (Low-E) windows prevent the glare, heat gain and discoloration associated with direct sunlight, thanks to a protective metallic coating that reflects and insulates. If you want to make your windows even more durable and resilient, add an optional coat of Clear Choice™, our exclusive anti-scratch protectant.

Glass Decor Creation and Care

At Glass Doctor of Demopolis, AL, we care about the quality of our original glass products, and we will visit your home for free to take measurements and make sure we're all on the same page. Our repair and replacement center is located in Canfield, but we offer home consultations and custom installations throughout the Demopolis. If you live in Sweet Water, Gallion, Linden or the surrounding area, call to learn more about your home decor options.