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Clear Choice Protectant

Creating a protected, easy-to-clean surface in your kitchen and bath is as easy as a single coat of Clear Choice™ glass protectant. Cut your home maintenance time and keep surfaces looking new by investing in a service that ends the need for complicated care. Your porcelain, granite, glass and tile will benefit with help from one of our specialists at Glass Doctor® of Daytona Beach and a layer of Clear Choice glass treatment.

Protect Your Investment

Hard water, scratches and stains are prevented when you have a professionally applied coat of Clear Choice added to multiple surfaces in your home. By creating a high-tech barrier, Clear Choice acts as a repellant, working to shield from oil, water, soap scum and more. The result is surfaces like glass, porcelain, tile, granite and other materials will stay beautiful longer. You'll also see a reduction of stains, scratches and soap scum as well as protection against hard water, mineral deposits, weathering and environmental pollutants. Clear Choice makes using harsh cleaners and elbow grease a thing of the past. The ultra-smooth coat will whisk damaging elements away. Use Clear Choice on:

  • Windows
  • Glass shower enclosures
  • Toilets and tubs
  • Countertops
  • Any silica-based surface

Benefits of Clear Choice Glass Protectant

Homeowners simplify cleaning and keep their surfaces in top condition with Clear Choice. Other benefits homeowners enjoy include:

  • A reduction in mold and bacteria
  • Resistance to stains, scratches and impacts
  • Prevention of hard water etching
  • Glossier surfaces
  • An environmentally-friendly glass treatment and multiple-surface finish that lasts up to five years

Our team can combine any of our professional services. Ask for a coat of Clear Choice when you get your new windows or a custom glass shower enclosure. Contact Glass Doctor of Daytona Beach today for more information, or to schedule a visit from one of our experts.