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Clear Choice Protectant

At Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex we take pride in every shower door and tub enclosure we install. Our custom glass installations transform bathrooms by increasing light flow and replacing outdated surfaces, and they don't collect mold like curtains and acrylic doors. However, glass can develop streaks, stains, scratches, and residue if you don't clean it thoroughly and regularly.

If you want to cut down on scrubbing sessions but keep your custom glass in flawless condition, opt for a coat of Clear Choice™ glass treatment. Learn how your bathroom could benefit from this high-tech barrier, which resists a variety of household pollutants to preserve your investment for years to come.

Protect Multiple Surfaces

Clear Choice is our favorite way to finish installations because we know it will improve the resilience of glass panes. It also works just as well on tile walls, granite countertops, porcelain plumbing fixtures and other silica-based bathroom surfaces. Clear Choice is essentially a surface treatment that adds a smooth protective barrier to your glass or tile.

Make Cleaning Easier

One layer of Clear Choice will last for up to five years, serving as a shield against water, scratches, mineral deposits and other effects of daily wear and tear. Because it's water-resistant, it won't allow moisture to seep into porous surfaces, attract bacteria or leave white stains behind. It also resists soap scum, environmental pollutants and other imperfections, making your glass care much easier.

Improve the Look of Your Glass

This protective layer doesn't just repel scratches and bigger damage; it also improves the appearance of your glass and other bathroom surfaces. After we apply Clear Choice in your bathroom, your surfaces will look smoother and glossier. Instead of developing pesky films or losing its shine, your glass will maintain this glossy coating for up to five years, until it's time to apply your next layer. If you want a polished shine that lasts, consider Clear Choice for all your custom glass treatment.

The Best Glass Care

If you want to preserve or upgrade your bathroom surfaces, ask the specialists at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex. We'll come to your home for a free consultation, and Clear Choice is available as a glass care treatment or an optional addition to your bathroom installation. After we help you customize or order your new glass, Clear Choice will help you clean and protect the final product.