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Auto Window Tinting

Glass Doctor® of Cypress knows your vehicle is an important part of your daily life. We offer a full range of auto glass services, including the installation of auto window tint on your vehicle. Our professional teams provide you with the security of having your work done by qualified experts. Your vehicle's windows will have a clean, professional look and you'll have window film that provides you all the great benefits of auto window tinting.

Benefits of Auto Window Tint

Driver experience: Driving into direct sunlight is not only irritating to the eyes, it can also be dangerous. The human eye cannot quickly adjust to solar glare. Window film helps to reduce glare in areas of the window where the sun visor can't because it would obstruct your vision.

Interior protection: The upholstery and hardware inside your vehicle is vulnerable to UV damage, similar to carpets and furniture in your home. The experts at Glass Doctor of Cypress will select the perfect tint for each of your vehicle's windows to provide the right protection for your interior, reducing fading, cracking and warping. This not only keeps your vehicle looking great, but protects your investment long term.

Privacy and security: As you do more traveling, you keep more and more items in vehicles. Electronics, kids' equipment for sports, books for work and other odds and ends. Auto window tint, particularly on side and rear windows, provides an extra layer of protection from prying eyes.

Passenger comfort: There are a number of ways auto window tint provides added comfort to the passengers in your car. With the newer entertainment systems in vehicles, reduced glare makes for a more enjoyable experience watching videos and makes it easier to see navigation tools on the dash. Reduced UV rays and sun keeps the interior of the vehicle cooler when it's parked, meaning you'll return to a vehicle with cooler seats and dash resulting in a more comfortable ride without having to wait for the seats to cool down enough to sit on.

Call Glass Doctor of Cypress today to schedule your free consultation to start enjoying the style and comfort of auto window tinting.