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Industry Glass Solutions

Glass serves important roles in every single industry, from insulating retail stores to keeping restaurants and hospitals hygienic. The same is true for our local businesses in Cypress. At Glass Doctor® of Cypress, we know you depend on your windows, doors and other glass installations for a variety of decorative and protective benefits. That's why our specialists work so hard to help you thrive, with commercial glass repair services for a variety of different businesses. Our emergency commercial glass repair unit is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also encourage local business owners to join our Commercial Care program for discounts, priority appointment times and faster emergency replacements. If you do business in the Cypress area, we have the glass solutions you need to maximize profits and minimize risks.

Commercial Glass Repair in Cypress

Restaurants and Food Service

Your restaurant must follow strict health codes to stay in business, and your customers also expect clean surfaces and an inviting, well-lit environment. At Glass Doctor of Cypress, we offer a variety of custom glass installations for local restaurants, including sneeze guards, tabletops and door glass for sliding or revolving doors. These simple glass additions create an inviting environment for guest while expanding the reach of natural light.

Apartments and Condo Complexes

If your commercial property is also home sweet home for your tenants, it's important to invest in high-quality glass that improves their quality of life and your property value. We offer mirrors and windows with protective safety backing, as well as shatter-proof glass panes for private residences and shared public spaces, such as pools, gyms, and clubhouses. These additions make your tenants more comfortable and entice new renters into your complex.

apartment windows

Hotels and Motels

Enhance your guests' views with easy-to-clean windows that resist glare and heat. Upgrading the glass in your will reduce over head costs. W recommend adding custom glass shower enclosures or a decorative mirrors to suite bathrooms to opens up small spaces. Glass is a great way to increase light flow and give your rooms and common spaces a cleaner, more modern look.

Retail Stores

Our specialists offer a variety of storefront glass care services because those panes represent your market presence. Beyond marketing your goods, storefront windows and doors protect your inventory and determine your customers' first impressions. We help attract more walk-in business with custom storefront glass that has your logo and store hours, or flatter your handmade wares with custom glass shelving or mirrors that show it off from every angle.

Academic Campuses

Students need bright, clean learning environments. The Glass Doctor of Cypress team will strive to modernize school buildings with new panes. We offer a variety of custom commercial glass repair services for local schools and colleges, including shatter-proof, fire-resistant glass for science laboratories and other high-risk spaces. We also customize display cases, gyms and other unique glass installations.

Government Agencies

Our local city and municipal buildings provide important public services while representing the people they serve. We help government agencies improve their energy efficiency, protect their employees, and better serve their taxpayers with a variety of custom commercial glass solutions. At Glass Doctor of Cypress, we want every local business to thrive. Call us today to learn more about our commercial glass repair and replacement services for local businesses.