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Vacation Home Bathroom Ideas

If you’re planning to renovate your vacation home—perhaps a cabin or cottage—consult this comprehensive guide on what to consider when upgrading your bathroom shower, mirrors and windows.

At Glass Doctor®, our experts are trained to repair, replace and install glass and mirror products. Schedule an appointment with us at 855-603-1919 to upgrade your vacation home bathroom today.

Three Vacation Home Bathroom Ideas


Think about upgrading these three elements of your vacation home bathroom.

1. Install a new shower

At Glass Doctor, we provide a variety of shower options—from sliding shower doors to swinging, rain door enclosures. Browse our shower door gallery for inspiration before your in-home consultation with us.

If you’re thinking about installing a new glass shower or tub enclosure, these five factors are worth noting:

  1. Configuration of your bathroom—Regardless if you have a small or large bathroom, our experts take note of the existing plumbing systems and fixtures to determine what type of shower best fits in your space.
  2. Additional accessories—If you really want to spruce up your shower space, consider installing a detachable shower head to improve functionality or a hanging organizer to hold your shower necessities.
  3. Adequate ventilation—It’s important to ventilate your bathroom so you can reduce the risk of getting mold. Ask our professionals about whether a ventilation kit is a possibility to improve airflow.
  4. Wall composition—Whether you have drywall or tiled walls, the makeup of your walls affects how heavy your shower or tub enclosure can be, in addition to the scope and length of the installation process.
  5. Size of the shower/tub enclosure—Before the installation process, our certified professionals take precise measurements of your bathroom and your shower or tub enclosure to ensure that your product fits within the space.

2. Add Different Types of Mirrors

updated bathroom with glass shower and mirrors

Installing new mirrors in your bathroom can create an illusion of space, enhance natural lighting and accentuate existing décor.

Check out some of the mirror options Glass Doctor provides:

  • Hanging Mirrors—When positioned correctly, these mirrors can filter natural light throughout a room.
  • Mirrored Wall—If you have a smaller bathroom, consider installing a mirrored wall to make the room appear larger.
  • Statement Mirrors—Place these custom mirrors right above your sinks or on a bare wall of your bathroom to create a more personal touch.

3. Replace Your Windows

bathroom skylight

When replacing your windows, choose from insulated glass units (IGUs), also known as double-pane windows, or Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. These windows can save on energy costs and reduce the amount of noise you hear from your bathroom, creating a peaceful oasis.

Some additional factors to consider when installing custom windows include the following.

  • Tint—Glass tinting offers your windows protection from UVA and UVB rays, preventing fading related to sun exposure
  • Size—If you want to install a completely different window, have a professional help you determine if there’s enough space to make the transition
  • Energy Efficiency—Windows that are more energy-efficient can reduce energy costs

Check out some other reasons why you should replace your bathroom windows:


Renovate Your Bathroom with Glass Doctor

At Glass Doctor, our specialists have the expertise to repair, replace and upgrade your vacation home bathroom and will renovate your shower, windows and mirrors.

Here’s what you can expect when you schedule a free, in-home consultation with one of our specialists:

  1. Before calling us for a free, in-home consultation, browse sites with vacation home bathroom ideas and inspiration. This will help us customize and design your bathroom more efficiently.
  2. During the consultation, we will assess the space, take the necessary measurements and discuss your budget and custom options.
  3. We will provide a free quote within 24 hours of our visit.
  4. After the quote is approved, we will begin the installation process of your new shower, windows or mirrors.
  5. Once the installation process is complete, we will clean up your bathroom and remove any debris.


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