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Storm Doors

Storm doors are exterior doors that are attached to the outside of your front door and operate independently of the main front door. They provide an extra level of protection in the event of a storm or extreme weather.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of storm doors and other glass protection options.

Benefits of Storm Doors

storm door

When you install storm doors, here are some benefits you will enjoy:

  • Protection against extreme weather—A storm door will protect your main entry door from damage due to hail, rain, wind, ice or snow.
  • Low chance of insects entering your home—With a storm door, you can leave your main entry door open and not worry about letting bugs enter the home.
  • Increased energy efficiency—Storm doors with glass coverings can reduce energy loss and save on heating and cooling costs within the home.
  • An extra level of security to your home—A storm door adds another layer of protection to your home and can reduce the risk of a home invasion due to the sound it makes when you open and shut the door.

What Are Alternatives to Storm Doors?

For additional ways to protect your glass doors and windows, consider the following options for your home:

  • High-Impact Glass—This type of glass is made up of a plastic film between two sheets of tempered glass. High-impact glass doesn't shatter when it's hit by an object, making it a good option for places that experience hurricanes or tornadoes.
  • Emergency Board-Up Services—Call an emergency board-up service before a storm approaches as a preventative method to protect your doors and windows or utilize board-up services if windows or doors have been damaged from a storm.

sliding glass door

What to Expect with Glass Doctor

At Glass Doctor®, we provide 24/7 emergency repair and replacement services for all types of glass doors, including storm doors. When you schedule an installation appointment with one of our experts, this is what you can expect:

  1. Our certified professionals will arrive at your home in uniform and put protective footgear on before entering your house.
  2. If your door has been damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, we will board up the damaged area, take the necessary measurements, and schedule a follow-up appointment to finish the repair or replacement.
  3. During the installation process, we will ensure that the custom door meets the exact specifications of your home.
  4. After completing the installation, we will remove any debris from the area and provide you with tips on how to take care of your new door.

Call Glass Doctor to Install Your Storm Doors

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Call Glass Doctor if you're in need of emergency repair and replacement services.

Also, contact the professionals at Glass Doctor to protect your glass windows and doors from storms by installing a storm door today.

Schedule an appointment with one of our certified professionals today at 855-603-1919.




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