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Replace Broken Glass with Insulated Panels

When it’s time for your old windows to be replaced, consider getting insulated glass panels from Glass Doctor®. Our window replacement services include installing quality insulated glass units in your home to help keep the outside temperature from getting in. Call your local Glass Doctor expert today at (855) 603-1919 to learn more about our services.

Get Your Windows Replaced by Glass Doctor

At Glass Doctor, we pride ourselves on the level of professionalism and courtesy we give to each of our customers, and we can’t wait to repair or replace the windows in your home with insulated glass panels.

When you schedule a free, in-home consultation with one of our glass specialists, we help you determine whether you need a full window replacement, or if you can save money and just replace the glass. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of glass types you can choose from, including Low-Emissivity (or Low-E) windows, which are energy-efficient and can qualify you for a federal tax credit

How Insulated Glass Units Work

replacement insulated glass panels glass doctor insulated glass units diagram

Even if your windows don’t appear to be broken, they can weaken with age, causing their seals to break, or have unsightly condensation build up between the two panels. By replacing your current glass panels with insulated glass units, you can keep the inside and outside temperatures separate.

Insulated glass units are made up of two glass panes and a spacer set in the middle. This area is then filled with a special moisture-absorbing material referred to as desiccant or warm-edge glass spacer. This material is used as a drying agent to prevent moisture from getting in and creating condensation.

Once this area fills up, insulating gas (e.g. argon or krypton gas) and a high-grade sealant are used around the perimeter of the entire unit to keep the center dry and insulate your home.

Ready to Replace Your Window Panels?

To learn more about our window repair and replacement services, contact your local Glass Doctor specialists today at (855) 603-1919. Our certified professionals are ready to provide a free estimate and get you on the way to better, more energy efficient windows.



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