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Bring Light Into Your Bathroom with Glass Shower Wall Panels

Glass shower panels will change the look and feel of your bathroom, and Glass Doctor® is happy to help bring your vision to life. Here are some questions to consider: how many shower panels do you want? What style of glass would you like? Is privacy a priority? Do you want a bathtub, too? Our glass experts will design the ideal frameless shower just for you. Call us today at 855-603-1919 for custom glass solutions. 

Finding the Perfect Glass Shower Wall Panels

Upgrading your shower to include glass shower panels will change the whole feel of your bathroom. You could create an at-home-spa feel, something simple and affordable, or something modern and unique. We will help you decide what is best based on your style preferences. At Glass Doctor, we will bring this vision to life. See our gallery of glass showers and get inspiration for your dream bathroom.

Step #1: Deciding What You Want

Glass Thickness & Style

  • Watermarked privacy glass
  • Thick, smokey glass 

Number of Glass Panels & Door Type

  • Single swinging door
  • Sliding door

Other things to think about: Do you want to have a tub and shower? How tall do you want the shower unit to be? Depending on your preferences, you could be able to connect the shower to the ceiling for a more open and modern feel. Check out these dream showers so you can come up with a creative vision for your space. 

Step #2: Free In-Home Consultation

When you schedule a free, convenient in-home consultation with our experts, we begin by visiting your home.

  • First, we will inspect your current shower or tub enclosure.
  • Next, we measure the three most important points of the enclosure: top, middle and bottom.
  • Third, our glass experts will draft a detailed floor plan for your shower or tub enclosure.
  • Fourth, we will determine the necessary framing structure for your future bathroom renovation.

Step #3: Professional Glass Installation

Most shower and tub enclosures are received within 10-15 business days. Custom glass enclosures may take longer. Glass Doctor will schedule a convenient appointment for the professional installation, which usually takes less than a day.

The installation process for your new shower or tub enclosure includes:

  • Preparing the area
  • Installing U-channels to hold the glass
  • Placing the glass
  • Applying silicone urethane to seal the glass to the U-channel
  • Mounting connection and door hardware
  • Installing top head channels (if required)
  • Fastening the door to the hinges

Do you want to protect the glass from soap scum buildup and hard water stains? We also offer additional accessories and Clear Choice™ glass protectant.

Call Glass Doctor Today

Call 855-603-1919 and speak with our professionals. We will take care of all your glass needs and bring your shower vision to life.