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Custom Glass Pivot Shower Doors | Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor® customizes pivot glass shower doors for all types of styles and tastes. We will work with you to choose your new pivot doors, and we’ll even handle the installation. You can schedule your free, in-home consultation today by calling 855-603-1919

Choosing Your Frameless Glass Shower Door

There is no question that modern, frameless glass showers can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom. At Glass Doctor, we cut and install custom shower enclosures everyday. We specialize in custom options and our workmanship is guaranteed.

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Here are some of the questions our clients ask most frequently:

Q. What exactly is a pivot shower door?

A pivot door does not require hinges, and it swings on a set of pins (pivots) at the bottom and top of the door. Glass pivot showers appear to be floating, particularly when the doors run from floor to ceiling.

Q. Does a pivot door keep water in the shower?

Frameless showers need to be properly configured to keep water from leaking out onto the floor. As long as they are properly cut, pivot doors are no different from hinged doors in that regard.

The placement of the shower head and proper sloping of the tile can make a big impact on drainage. Before you purchase your shower doors, a Glass Doctor expert will come to your home for a free consultation that includes assessment of your wall supports, ventilation and of course, taking measurements.

Q. What are the benefits of a pivot door?

For frameless showers, pivots provide excellent support. Doors swing outward effortlessly, and they virtually blend into the surrounding wall. They are also easier to install and adjust because the pins are set and the door slides onto them.

Though hinges can add a point of interest on a door, a pivoting door does not usually require any hardware to match against other bathroom fixtures. And, as with any frameless shower, there are no tracks or metal frames to gather mildew.

Q. Why should I get my shower door from Glass Doctor?

Glass Doctor offers many advantages:

  • Free in-home consultation
  • Upfront pricing quotes
  • Expertise in glass showers
  • Customized doors, cut to the size and style you want
  • Friendly, certified professionals
  • We’ll even leave your bathroom cleaner than we found it

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