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Clear Choice Protectant

When all the surfaces in your bathroom are vividly clean, glossy and unmarred, your house naturally looks great. With professionally applied Clear Choice glass treatment from Glass Doctor® of Columbia, SC, you can have this beautiful-home look without spending hours cleaning and scrubbing. What's more, your household's silica-based surfaces stay smooth and shine brightly for years to come. Keeping the like-new shine on your glass, porcelain, granite and other bath surfaces is simple after a single Clear Choice application by our glass specialists. After your pieces are protected, water, oil and lime damage don't stand a chance of spotting, staining or ruining your stunning surfaces. Apply Clear Choice to glass showers, countertops, windows and porcelain pieces. Results last up to five years.

Protecting Your Investment

Your bathroom fixtures, glass and tile are exposed to a daily grind of scratches, scrapes, mineral buildup and stains. Common chemical cleaners, hard water and every day wear cause surface destruction. Left vulnerable to damaging elements, your sinks, counters and tub begin showing their age early. Clear Choice keeps shiny surfaces pristine for longer with minimal maintenance, so you you spend less time cleaning. The glass treatment renders non-porous surfaces resistant to scratches and weathering, so every surfaces looks new for years.

Clear Choice Glass Treatment Advantages

With eco-friendly Clear Choice, surfaces repel water and oil so they:

  • Require less work to maintain
  • Discourage mold growth
  • Give bacteria nothing to cling to
  • Resist impacts, scratches and stains
  • Avoid etching due to hard water
  • Maintain a glossy smooth appearance and texture

Request an application of Clear Choice glass treatment when your new shower doors are installed and enjoy long lasting, sparkling, force-field effect that keeps your bathroom looking newer, for years. Call Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC for yourfree in-home consultation, today.