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Windshield Repair and Replacement

If you notice any damage in your windshield, however minor, you should seek immediate attention. While chips are still small and cracks only span a short distance, our specialists at Glass Doctor® of College Station can repair the glass. More significant damage is yet more urgent, as it may impact the structural integrity of your vehicle, and you will need a windshield replacement to keep you safe on the road.

Windshield Repair

When possible, we prefer windshield repairs over replacements. Our repair services are cost-effective, convenient requiring, our specialists take approximately 30 minutes to complete the repair. Windshield glass repair is the environmentally responsible choice, too. Repairing the glass means there is no need to throw an entire sheet of glass into a landfill.

To repair your windshield, our specialists will clean the damaged area, sometimes using a drill to create a clear path. We will then fill the area with resin, which we will cure and then polish until it is barely noticeable.

To determine whether you will be able to receive a windshield repair, we consider several factors:

  • Size: Chips must be no larger than 3/8 inch and cracks no longer than 3 inches.
  • Location: As the repaired area will leave a mark on the glass, we can only repair damage that is out of your line of sight while driving. In addition, cracks must be away from the edges of your windshield to avoid spreading.
  • Timespan: If you allow time to pass before you receive attention, dirt will build up in the damaged area. Too much debris is impossible to clean sufficiently for a repair.

We advise our clients to talk to a representative from their insurance company before receiving a windshield repair to find out if the service is included in their coverage. As insurance carriers prefer repairs over replacements, the service is often completely free for you.

Windshield Glass Replacement

If you are unable to receive a repair, our specialists will provide you with a windshield glass replacement. This involves removing the current glass, taking care to avoid contact with the paint or bonding surface. We then install new glass that matches the original equipment manufacturer quality using Auto Glass Safety Council™ approved adhesives. Once the windshield is in place, we wait one hour to allow the adhesive to cure before allowing you to drive away.

After you receive a replacement, you will be eligible for one of our windshield guarantees. All our clients receive the G12® Road Hazard Guarantee at no additional cost, protecting you against damage for the following 12 months. You will also have the chance to upgrade to our Future Installation Option or Value Package for extra benefits. Talk to our team to find out more.

To receive your windshield glass replacement or repair, contact us at Glass Doctor of College Station. Our specialists work fast, adhere to industry best practices, and will even handle all of your insurance paperwork for you to expedite the service still further.