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College Station

Home Window Tinting

Security film and home window tint offer you substantial increases in safety. Glass Doctor® of College Station installs tinting and security film on windows for your home, business and vehicle to give you peace of mind.

Window Tinting for Every Pane

Home Window Tint

Sunlight heats up your home, decreasing its energy efficiency. Adding window tinting helps to keep your house cool during the Texas' summers. It also makes it more difficult for potential burglars to see into your home, so you enjoy greater privacy.

Security film protects you, your family and your pets from broken glass shards in the event of an accident. We will treat every surface in your home with decorative film, to give your glass a new, attractive look. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

Commercial Window Tint

Security film strengthens your windows against impact, and in the event of breakage it holds shattered glass in place. That's why security film is the first line of defense for any business' glass. It'll keep your view clear and protect your business, which will make your building more energy-efficient.

Auto Glass Tint

We offer window tint for any vehicle to protect you and your upholstery from harmful UV rays. Tinting will keep your vehicle's temperature under control and protect your eyes from glare while you're on the road. Best of all, your vehicle's interior won't suffer from sun damage.

Keep your family safe and protect your belongings UV exposure today! Contact us about home window tint and security film.